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Ellerslie Luxury Collection - Online Showcase

The crème de la crème of our finest bespoke jewellery

Welcome to the Luxury Collection - the very finest bespoke jewellery we currently have on display in our showroom. Each of the items below is one of a kind, and something to be treasured. Make one of these items your own and you will not only have a stunning piece of custom jewellery to enjoy now, but you'll also have an heirloom to keep in the family for generations. 

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Garnet and Diamond Ring

Garnet and Diamond Ring #3690

18ct Yellow Gold

10 Diamonds 0.083ct

1 Garnet 0.30 ct


Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant #7353

Diamond 0.22 total diamond weight

9 ct White Gold

6 mm x 12 mm

Matching Earring #7360


London Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant

Topaz and Diamond Pendant #7495

9ct White Gold

Oval London Blue Topaz 0.90 ct

5 Diamonds total diamond weight 0.05ct


Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings Square 7360

Diamonds  0.35 Total Diamond Weight

9 ct White Gold

6 mm x 6 mm

Matching Pendant #7353


Diamond and Pendant

Diamond Pendant #7358

Diamonds .28 total diamond weight

9 ct White Gold

7 mm

Matching Earrings #7362


Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings Round 7362

Diamond  Total Diamond Weight 0.45

9 ct White Gold

7 mm


Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Ring #6546

18 ct White Gold

Sapphire 0.67ct

Diamond H-SI

Total Diamond Weight 0.14 ct


Sapphire and Diamond Earrings


18ct White Gold

Diamond .23 tdw

Sapphire 1.08 ct


Blue Topaz Ring


blue Topaz

9 ct White Gold

Blue Topaz 13.5 ct


Black Diamond Pendant

Black Diamond 1.30ct

Total Diamond Weight 1.50

9 ct White Gold


Ruby and Diamond Ring

Rudy and Diamond Ring #7024

18 ct White Gold

Ruby 1.25 ct Total weight

Diamond 0.56 Total Diamond Weight


Diamond Star Pendant

Diamond Star Pendant

18ct White Gold

Total Diamond Weight 0.44ct


Blue Round Sapphire Earrings

18 ct White Gold

.15 ct Sapphire each

Total Dia weight .48ct


Tanzinite and Diamond Ring

18 White Gold

1.10 ct Tanzinite 

2 Diamonds Total Dia Weight 0.15 ct G SI1


Ruby and Diamond Ring 


Ruby and Diamond Ring

18ct White Gold

Ruby  1.10ct

Diamonds Total Weight .60ct


Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring #3693

18ct White Gold

Diamonds Colour G Clarity VS

1.45 Total Diamond Weight 


Orange Sapphire and Diamond Ring 


Orange Sapphire and Diamond Ring

18ct White Gold

Orange Sapphire 1.4ct

Diamonds Total Weight .85ct 


Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant

Tanzanite Pendant 5945

22ct Tanzanite

18ct White Gold

Total Diamond weight .63

Height 350mm x Width 180mm